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Deals on Wheels


Before you walk into a dealership, get your financing pre-approved at the credit union. Pre-approval is an easy process and can be done before you even pick out that new or used vehicle. The credit union reviews your information and credit history and promises, for a certain period of time, to give you a vehicle loan up to a particular dollar amount.

Hear are the benefits of pre-approval:

  • Dealers know you are a serious shopper and will give you the attention you deserve.

  • Pre-approval assures you of a low interest rate your loan is from the credit union.

  • Pre-approval lets you know what your payments will be before you start looking. So you will know exactly how the purchase will affect your budget.

  • Pre-approval means you only have to negotiate price with the dealer. No haggling over financing.

You may apply for pre-approval on-line, over the phone or at any branch.  

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